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How Your Donations are Used

March 13, 2017
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Lucy Beyers, Carmel, Ind.

What happens to your dollars after you make a gift to Riley Children’s Foundation?

Each year, we work with the leadership of Riley Hospital for Children to determine where funds are most urgently needed. We focus our fundraising efforts on the areas identified as the greatest funding priorities for Riley Hospital, which are currently: Pediatric Research and Patient Care; Maternity and Newborn Health; and Family Support Programs. 

The Riley Children’s Foundation Board of Governors then votes on exactly where donated funds should be granted, and those dollars are allocated accordingly to hospital programs.


In the last fiscal year, here are the programs Riley Children’s Foundation supported:
Pediatric research: $15,300,785
Patient care (clinical programs): $4,983,011
Education (including Chairs and Professorships): $3,072,239
Family Support Programs (including Child Life and Social Work): $2,104,628
Camp Riley (and other camps): $848,676
James Whitcomb Riley Museum Home and Billie Lou Wood Visitor Center: $610,480
Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention: $254,248
Buildings and Equipment: $212,511
Other: $278,941
Total: $27,665,519


Riley Children’s Foundation is proud to rank well above average in terms of nonprofit hospital standards for efficient and ethical use of donor funds. We are committed to using your gifts carefully to maximize the help we provide to children. Less than 21 cents per every dollar we raise is used to offset our fundraising costs, compared with the average of 31 cents per dollar among nearly 1,700 member hospitals within the Association of Healthcare Philanthropy. 


Sometimes donors choose to restrict their gifts to a specific program closest to their heart, and at Riley Children’s Foundation we honor those wishes. Since needs are constantly shifting and changing in a children’s hospital, however, there is great value in gifts that are unrestricted in nature. These gifts provide us with flexibility to address the greatest emerging needs we identify at Riley Hospital. Critical programs that have benefited from these funds include the trauma team, Child Life, bereavement support services, the Syncardia artificial heart system and pediatric research, including our growing precision genomics program for children with aggressive cancer.  “It makes an incredible difference for a hospital when committed donors give without restrictions,” says Riley Hospital for Children President Matt Cook. “These gifts empower Riley Hospital to quickly respond to needs as they arise. Your gifts keep Riley Hospital at the cutting-edge of pediatric care.”

Thank you for standing behind Riley Hospital, and the children and families we serve. Your support means every child at Riley Hospital has access to care that is not just adequate, but exceptional.

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