Riley Champions

Some children turn their biggest challenges into their biggest strengths.

Each year, several special children who show courage and selfless dedication to others are selected to serve as Riley Champions.

We invite you to nominate children who demonstrate champion spirit.

Nomination Details

  • Nominees are typically between the ages of 8-18
  • As ambassadors for Riley, our Champions will be asked to share their stories publicly
  • Selected Riley Champions are notified in September and officially announced at the Riley Annual Luncheon in November.

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Riley Champion Nomination Form:

2014 Riley Champions

  • Sneha Dave, 15, Greenwood (ulcerative colitis)
  • Owen George, 13, Newburgh (spina bifida)
  • Diana Overman, 10, Fort Wayne (cerebral palsy; thyroid cancer)
  • Paige Rawl, 19, Indianapolis (HIV)
  • Dylan Shumaker, 16, Bremen (spinal cord cancer)
  • Carter Swathwood, 9, Lafayette (H1N1 flu; respiratory failure)
  • J.T. Wood, 17, Indianapolis (cardiology)

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