Carmel High School Celebrates 10th Annual Riley Dance Marathon

Riley Children’s Foundation is honored to have the support of 65 high school dance marathons throughout the state. These inspirational events brought in $910,000 for Riley Hospital for Children last year alone and were a result of the dedication of 8,000 high school students.

On Saturday, February 21 the nation’s largest high school dance marathon will take place right here in Indiana. To date, Carmel High School Dance Marathon has raised over $1.6 million for the Ryan White Center for Infectious Disease at Riley Hospital. This year 1,000 student dancers will stand for six hours in honor of Riley kids and families.

Carmel High School has a passion for dance marathon that goes beyond their passion for Riley kids. In 2005, they hosted their first dance marathon in honor of former Carmel High School student, Ashley Louise Crouse. Ashley lost her life in an automobile accident while attending Indiana University.  She was very involved with Indiana University Dance Marathon and truly loved the patients at Riley Hospital.

In their first year, Carmel raised a total of $35,411.49 for Riley Hospital. To say Carmel Dance Marathon has simply grown since then is an understatement. The event brought in $324,000 last year alone and student dancers are working especially hard this year to surpass this total in honor of their 10th anniversary. Some of their creative fundraising efforts have included garage sales, a Halloween event, and a 5K race.

For more information on donating and how you can get involved, please visit

Congratulations Carmel Dance Marathon on your 10th anniversary. Thank you so much for everything you do For The Kids! 

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