Dance Marathon Season

Late winter and spring usher in the Riley Dance Marathon season for the majority of our high school and collegiate dance marathon programs. During the weekend of Feb. 25-26 Indiana State University’s StateDM raised $116,850.99, Carmel High School Dance Marathon raised $424,116.25 and Ball State University Dance Marathon raised $677,025.23.


Riley Dance Marathons are student-run organizations that support Riley Hospital through year-round fundraising efforts. The fundraising culminates in a multi-hour event where students are awake and on their feet to honor the kids we serve. College and high school students love this experience, knowing that they have generated funds to support thousands of kids every year who receive care from Riley Hospital. In Indiana, more than 80 high schools and colleges participate in the Riley Dance Marathon program annually. Last year, the Riley DM program raised $6.592 million for the kids.


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