November is a special month as our two largest dance marathons will take place on back to back weekends. Indiana University Dance Marathon (IUDM) is scheduled for Friday, November 14 to Sunday, November 16. The following weekend, Purdue University will hold their dance marathon (PUDM) from Saturday, November 22 to Sunday, November 23. Over these five days grooving will be prominent. Life long memories will be made. And the goal to raise over 3.8 million dollars will be tackled For The Kids (FTK). 

However, these events don’t happen overnight. Students from both dance marathons have been working hard and raising funds all year long. Just like their respective universities, both dance marathons have a rich history. 

Founded in 1991, IUDM started out as a small fundraiser in memory of a friend, Ryan White. Now in its 24th season, this dance marathon has raised over 17 million dollars for the Ryan White Center for Pediatric Infectious Disease at Riley Hospital for Children and is working to fulfill its third endowment. 

"We have enabled over 3,500 college students to realize the importance of philanthropy all while raising substantial funds and awareness for pediatric infectious disease,” said Nick Kolar, Indiana University student and External Vice President for IUDM. “Only one or two other dance marathons have that large of a number.”

PUDM has been around since 2005 and their overall impact is very impressive. Celebrating its 11th marathon this year, PUDM became the youngest dance marathon ever to raise 1 million dollars or more last year. To date they have raised over 2 million dollars with a focus in funding cancer research at Riley Hospital, Child Life and Camp Riley. 

"When I came to Purdue I did not have any friends so I joined PUDM. They became my friends and then my family,” said one Purdue student. "Joining PUDM is honestly the best decision I have ever made at Purdue."

For more information on donating and how you can get involved, please visit iudm.org and pudm.org

Best of luck to both IUDM and PUDM! We look forward to the amazing things you will accomplish this year FTK.

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