A holiday message from our President and CEO

Elizabeth A. Elkas, MFA, will serve as the eighth leader in Riley Children’s Foundation’s nearly 100-year legacy.
Elizabeth Elkas with Riley kid Piper Lyon

Just imagine…

Imagine the anguish Jeff Brown and Melissa January felt when they learned that both their daughter and son had cancer.

Imagine the weight Mary Calero carried as she watched her daughter endure multiple surgeries – including two organ transplants –only later to be diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Or the grief Carrie Hyatt and Delmon Evans felt when initially told by doctors elsewhere there was nothing left to do for their 3-month-old daughter except help her die peacefully.

Each of these families overcame the unimaginable. Their children – among our 2022 Riley Champions and Junior Champions presented by Kroger – are not only surviving but thriving.

The common thread that runs through each of their stories is Riley Hospital for Children. And you, our donors.

Thanks to your generosity, Riley had the right team of experts in place to treat Samantha and Miles Brown’s cancer, and to support Savana Calero on a medical odyssey that began when she was born three months early, at just under 2 pounds. Because of your selfless support, the heart program that repaired little Carlie Evans’ strawberry-sized heart and helped her defy the odds is ranked 5th in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Because of you, unimaginable pain and fear transform into promise and hope every day at Riley. Our new Riley Champions are living proof.

This holiday season, as you consider where to direct your giving, I ask you to pause for a moment to imagine the next mom and dad who will sit across from a doctor and learn their child has cancer. Or the parents who will discover that the baby they dreamed about has a hole in her heart. Or the family that is bracing itself for their child’s 13th surgery in a few short years. Then imagine how Riley can rewrite their futures with our help.

With warm wishes for a joyous holiday season,

Elizabeth A. Elkas

President and CEO

Riley Children's Foundation 

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Liz Elkas, President and CEO, Riley Children's Foundation

I am an advocate for children and the President and CEO of Riley Children's Foundation.

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