A Magical Night Under the Sea

May 6, 2013
Topics: Cancer (oncology)

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When a child gets diagnosed with cancer, everyone in the family gets plunged under the C. Under C level, one encounters surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy, blood transfusions, bone marrow transplants and things called "five year survival rates." It's hard to breathe there. That's why the Riley Cancer Center Prom, put on last Friday, is such an important event. On that day, kids with cancer and their families got to forget, at least for a while, that they were under the C and got to enjoy being Under the Sea.

Under the Sea, everybody danced and ran around having fun. Gowned girls with bald heads danced with tuxedoed toddlers with scarred heads. The buffet table contained meatballs, tacos, and like 15 types of specialty macaroni (I ingested more carbs that night than the top 5 finishers of Saturday's mini marathon combined). The magicians mesmerized my children with their tricks, and even left the old skeptic here scratching his head. We all ate a lot of ice cream.

The Women for Riley volunteers who helped fund and organize Riley Prom gave many of us something very valuable; a little time away from worry. For a few hours, surrounded by people who have all been under the C, it was easier for the families to breathe.

I know I speak for a lot of parents and kids when I say thanks to everyone who worked to put it on.

Volunteers from Women for Riley are the lead organizers of Promingdales and the annual Riley Cancer Center Prom. Click here to learn more about becoming a member of Women for Riley.

Chris Edwards, Ed. D.

Chris Edwards, Ed.D, teaches AP World History teacher at Fishers High School, and is the author of several books including 'Teaching Genius: Redefining Education with Lessons from Science and Philosophy.' Chris donates the royalties from 'Teaching Genius' to Riley Children's Foundation in support of pediatric cancer research at Riley Hospital. Chris and his wife Beth live in New Palestine are the parents of two boys, Blake, and Ben, who is doing well after being treated at Riley for a cancerous brain tumor.

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