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Janel's children: Sophia, Adam and Nora

As an educator and elementary principal, I have had many students and families that have benefited from the services and expertise of Riley Hospital. Some families just visit for appointments or check-ups while others have extended stays. No matter the severity of the illness or issue, Riley Hospital treats everyone with love and care. During Indiana Principals Week (October 22-28) I wanted to share my own reasons for standing proudly with Indiana schools behind Riley.

As a mother of three, I have had firsthand experience with the love and care of Riley. Thankfully, my children have been healthy throughout their lives, yet they each have had a time when they needed the treatment of Riley Hospital.

Our “oldest” twin daughter saw a specialist at Riley who properly diagnosed a gastro-intestinal issue and prescribed medication that corrected the matter. On another occasion her optometrist sent her to Riley to confirm a diagnosis. Our “youngest” twin daughter was sent to the emergency room at Riley for an abscess in her nasal cavity. After a thorough examination, it was determined surgery was not needed, just strong antibiotics. Shortly before our son’s first birthday we were referred to Riley by an ENT because he needed to have an abscess on his neck surgically removed. During every visit, the staff members at Riley were so welcoming and loving. It was impressive how compassionate and caring they were. We are proudly a “Riley family” and we show our support by displaying the iconic Red Wagon license plate on our van.

When children are faced with medical needs, I have nothing but complete confidence in the love, care and expertise of Riley Hospital!  I am truly honored to serve as a Co-Chairperson of the Riley Kids Caring and Sharing Board for the Indiana Association of School Principals. All fundraising efforts donated by schools currently are put towards research at the Herman B Wells Center for Research—Riley’s research facility. Our mutual love for children and partnership will forever positively impact the lives of all Indiana children!        

Janel Bonomo

Janel is the proud principal of Fayette Elementary in West Terre Haute, Ind. She is in her seventh year in administration and her seventh year on the Kids Caring and Sharing Committee for Riley, for which she is currently serving as a Co-Chairperson. She has recently served as President of District 8 for the Indiana Association of School Principals (IASP), and she has a Ph.D in Educational Leadership from Indiana State University. Janel loves spending time with her children and husband traveling, playing games, and watching movies. Her family greatly enjoys visiting Chicago and cheering for the Cubs, love listening to music and “being silly.”

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