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Charlie and Kate Lane, Indianapolis

As mothers, all we want is for our kids to be happy and healthy. Because of Riley Hospital, my 3-year-old superhero son Charlie has that chance.

I would not wish our agonizing journey on anyone. Doctors found cancerous tumors in Charlie’s brain and along his spine just over a year ago. He has been through brain surgery, five months of high dose chemotherapy, three stem cell transplants, and ten months spent in the hospital. But today, I am so happy to tell you that our superhero kid has NO evidence of cancer. NONE. That is the best Mother’s Day gift I can imagine.

My family and I are asking you to give other moms like me the gift of healthy children by becoming a Riley Hero with a monthly gift at any level that feels right to you. Charlie and I would be thrilled if we can help Riley reach its goal: 100 new “Riley Heroes” by the end of June. For every new monthly donor who signs up, a child at Riley will receive a superhero cape!

Small gifts add up to big miracles. We see that every day that we’re at Riley. Donations are so important to make sure Riley has not only the best medical care and groundbreaking research, but also family support programs like Child Life and Art Therapy. 

Riley gave Charlie a chance to be a kid―even on his worst days. It gave us a sense of normalcy when everything else was abnormal. Generous people like you make Riley the incredible hospital it is. We are forever grateful.

Learn more at RileyKids.org/Heroes

Kate Lane

Kate Lane is the mother of Riley kid Charlie Lane. She is currently an ambassador for the Riley Heroes monthly giving campaign.

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