An Emotional Swing

July 16, 2012
Topics: Pediatric Research, Cancer (oncology)

It's not often that grown men get emotional at a golf tournament. I take that back.Grown men show plenty of emotion while playing golf. However, usually it's in the form of anger, disbelief or bitter disappointment. Occasionally it's utter elation. But rarely do you see grown men get choked up at a golf tournament when their scorecards are not to blame.

This past week it was different at the Northern Indiana Father-Son Championship at Noble Hawk golf course in Kendalville, Indiana. After the last pairing had returned to the clubhouse and dinner was served, the guests felt a new emotion; inspiration. The fathers and sons first listened to another father/son pairing, as my husband and our son briefly shared our family's "Riley Story."

The event was a fundraiser benefiting Riley Hospital for Children. The teams paid to play on a great golf course on a beautiful day, all for a wonderful cause. And I have a hunch that as my husband and son spoke, a new perspective may have rattled their cleats. A bad day on the golf course beats any day spent receiving chemotherapy for cancer, especially on the pediatric unit. Our seven-year-old son took a brief turn at the microphone and shared that he actually enjoyed going to Riley. He told of his fond feelings toward his nurse practitioner, Jennie, and how he loves riding the monorail on campus. He didn't even mention the needles, chemo or blood draws. Again, perspective.

How do I know the men felt inspired? They told us. As the program was concluded and the trophies were all dispersed the men began to file out of the room. Several stopped to tell our son that he was an inspiration. They heartily wished him the best. In fact, one gentleman wished it so heartily that his vigorous slap on my son's back knocked the cupcake he was enjoying right out of his hand! My son grinned and we all laughed. No one thought to yell "fore!"

Thanks to those who participated in this event and chased a little white ball for kids who ride in little red wagons. And whether your scorecards included eagles, birdies or par, you're all champions to me.

Christy Cabe

Christy enjoys telling a good story in hopes that the reader will “walk away encouraged and inspired to grow in their love for God, and for others.” She has a degree in educational ministries from Huntington University, drinks coffee every morning, and lives in Fort Wayne with her husband, Kraig, and their three children. Christy recently published a memoir, “Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels.”

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