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July 23, 2020
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AndyRoos Gaming Gang

We caught up with Aaron Smith of AndyRoos Gaming Gang to find out what he loves about supporting Riley kids through Extra Life. 

What was your inspiration to start the AndyRoos gaming gang team?

Hi! I’m Aaron Smith, and this is my 10th year participating in Extra Life and my eighth year of being a team captain. Extra Life has become an annual tradition for my friends and me where we get the opportunity to come together and do some good for our community. I got started with Extra Life by random happenstance, going over to a friend of a friend’s house for some gaming fun and found out that not only were games the theme of the night but also fundraising for Riley. The next year I joined their team and the year after that I founded AndyRoo’s Gaming Gang. I’m entirely non-creative so when it came time to name my team I asked my dog, Andy, what I should name the team and gave a little howl at me. So AndyRoo’s Gaming Gang became the working name of the team that just stuck! I’ve enjoyed being a team leader every year as you get to take a direct role in helping people to reach their goals.

If you had one piece of advice for someone who may be interested but is intimated by fundraising what would that advice be? 

The advice I’d give to anyone trying to fundraise is to find a method that works for you. If you find that a single big push to meet your goal is what works, then that’s the path for you! If you’re like me, a slower but constant effort may be the path for you. It may also be useful to find other ways to incentivize donations. I’ve had custom D6s made with the team’s logo to give away to anyone that donates over a certain amount. You could find some local business or other group that may have similar goals and see if they can provide swag or coupons to give out for donations. I’ve also ended up with a shaved head, shaved goatee, and a tattoo as a year-end goal for meeting my fundraising efforts. Finding something to energize yourself and potential donors makes the work much easier.

What has been your favorite memory while participating in Extra Life? 

When it comes to game day, settle in, and get ready. I’ve been able to play with a handful of team members over the last few years and we set up our layout and food for the day to reduce the day of stress. I also like finding favorite games to play for myself and the team. Every year I try to get a session of Rock Band going in the evening in order to get some energy flowing into the dark hours. One of my favorite game day memories was ending up with a couple of dozen people watching me stream while I drummed to requests as people donated like a tip jar. I also love finding group games that will rely on interacting with or against each other like Pandemic or The Resistance. Something that keeps everyone paying attention and talking. It all comes down to keeping yourself happy and healthy on that day and helping out the kids in need. Once the game day is over, I usually end up taking the Sunday after to recover and reinstall all my consoles and PC in their places in the house and start thinking about how to finish out the year.

For The Kids!

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