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Danae Miller

My family and I live in Bristol Indiana, Northern Indiana. Both my husband, Erik, and I grew up in the area and live here with our daughter Skylar (6) and our 2 dogs. Erik and I have been married 7 years. I teach 1st grade at Jefferson Elementary. This is my 9th year!  I am loving having Skylar in the same building as me at school (shes in Kindergarten-and she LOVES it!) Hobbies of mine are cooking and baking... and since I love to cook and bake I also enjoy running đź™‚ My family and I love to be outdoors and we are crafty people who love home improvement projects or any kind of Pintrest or DIY projects. 

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From Arriving Seven Weeks Early To Starting Kindergarten
By: Danae Miller
Skylar defied the odds. Skylar was given a 20% survival rate and...


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