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I’m Emily, a stay at home mom to my beautiful daughter, Selena. She was diagnosed with CCHS(Central Congenital Hypoventilation Syndrome) and was treated at Riley Children’s Hospital. We live in Muncie, Indiana with my fiancé and Selena’s father, Matthew who I have been with 2 years now, along with our dog Nina. Selena had started her first 6 months of life at Riley. Since we have been home we spend a lot of quality time together teaching Selena how to crawl and walk and introduce her to new foods. We also spend a lot of time visiting family and friends and showing her off, and how far she’s come since she’s been home. She cries, laughs, she sleeps, she plays. That’s what makes her special to us, and we are blessed to be her parents. Loving her is the best feeling in the world. 

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Selena Lipscomb

Happy 1st Birthday Selena!
By: Emily Cordero
Selena spent the first six months of her life at Riley Hospital for...


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