Best Father's Day Ever

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Gigi and Justin Riegel

Dear Friend, 

I’m looking forward to the best Father’s Day ever, now that I have all my girls home. Last year at this time, our youngest daughter Gigi was in the hospital. She had just been diagnosed with leukemia.

If it weren’t for people donating, and Riley having the facilities and the resources they have available to them, we might be talking about planning a funeral for a 3-year-old. That’s why my family is asking more people to step up and become Riley Heroes. 

For every new Riley Heroes monthly donation, a child like Gigi will receive a superhero cape!

When enough people make a small gift every month, it adds up to big results for Riley, including lives saved. Every gift matters. 

To us, Gigi is a superhero. And so are people like you who donate to Riley.

With gratitude,

Justin Riegel
Riley Dad

Click here to become a Riley Hero today! 

Justin Riegel

Justin Riegel is a Riley dad.

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