Braden's "Sport": Riley Dance Marathons

September 9, 2013
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An exciting time of the year is about to begin for our family: Riley Dance Marathon season. Sharing our story at Riley Dance Marathons has been a sort of therapy for us - a way for us to stay connected to our Riley experiences, remembering all the ways that Riley has helped our son Braden be able to live his life as independently as he can.

I often refer to Dance Marathon as Braden's "sport." Just like a soccer family, we spend our weekends traveling around to a family activity that allows us to see not only our Riley kid, but his big sister, socialize, develop relationships, play games and enjoy just being a kid. It's humbling to see time, energy, and dedication that these young people put into a cause that touches so many. Personally, it has shown me such a positive side of our youth, and one that I don't think people get to see enough of.

Participating in Riley Dance Marathons is a way for us to give back to Riley, but we also see this activity as a way for the Riley and Dance Marathon communities to continue to support us. Dance Marathons have given our family opportunities to use our experiences for something positive. It would be really easy to sit back and think that the world owes us something because of the things our kids have had to go through, but for us it has brought so many incredible people into our lives. I can't imagine our lives without our DM family.

Riley Dance Marathons at high schools and college campuses across Indiana raised more than $3 million dollars for Riley Hospital last year. To learn more about the Riley Dance Marathon program, click here.

Kevin Tamosaitis

Kevin is the father of two children: daughter, Sierra, and Riley patient Braden Tamosaitis, who was born with spina bifida. The family enjoys helping Riley through dance marathons. Kevin and his wife Becky live in Camby.

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