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Carson Murphy, Columbus, Ind.

Carson was born in early January, a month before we were expecting him. When he was born, the doctors knew by his color that he needed a little extra help breathing. As the hours went on Carson continued to regress. We only realized how serious his condition had gotten when his amazing pediatrician, Scott Taylor, and countless, loving nurses at Columbus Regional decided that Carson needed immediate help.

I remember when Dr. Taylor called to tell us that he had called for Lifeline; my husband and I felt so hopeless, but at the same time felt blessed to have these amazing doctors close enough to get here in time to give Carson the help he needed. The team ended up coming by ambulance because the weather did not allow for a helicopter ride. It took a matter of minutes from the time the team arrived for them to sedate Carson and intubate him. Our nurse practitioner was compassionate but to the point: Carson had RDS, Respiratory Distress Syndrome. 

Our entire experience at Riley Hospital was about as great as it gets. Dr. Mehta was on Carson’s case, and every morning during rounds she made a point to give us a detailed update on how Carson was progressing. We had a Child Life Specialist who gave us books that could be “from Carson” for his big brother, Chase, at home. We were also invited to several events on the floor where we painted signs, listened to music, and so much more. We had Respiratory Therapists, Angie specifically, who treated us like family. Carson’s nurses were amazing―Phyllis and Anna were so nurturing. We view all of these people as Carson’s angels who saved his life. 

We have a happy story. Carson was taken off the ventilator, then slowly weaned off all other oxygen, and got his feeding tube out in a matter of days. Our hospital stay was eight days total. We feel absolutely blessed to have crossed paths with the people at Riley. While we were there we felt uplifted and we truly believed in the treatment Carson was getting, knowing it was the best. 

Thank you, Riley Hospital for Children. We are forever grateful. 

Tara Murphy

Tara Murphy works for Cummins, Inc., and coaches cheerleading at Columbus North High School. She and her husband Thorn are high school sweethearts and proud lifelong residents of Columbus, Ind. They have two sons, Chase and Carson, who were both born prematurely. The Murphy family enjoys giving back to the community, spending time with relatives, playing at the park, going for walks, vacationing in Siesta Key, and anything Disney.

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