An Experience I'll Never Forget

August 8, 2019

Dominic, Trissa and Andrew Luck at Colts Training Camp

Hello! My name is Trissa Ampil, and I’m a high school senior. When I was 6 years old the physicians at Riley Hospital for Children saved my life.

Around Thanksgiving of 2007, shortly after my sixth birthday, I became sick with what my pediatricians thought was just a cold and chest cough. They prescribed a strong cough syrup, but my symptoms quickly worsened as my lungs continued to fill with fluid and mucous. The third time I went to my pediatrician’s office, he listened to my chest and very quickly realized there were no breath sounds in my left lung at all, and my right lung was also compromised. 

My mom rushed me to the emergency room at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health North Hospital, where I was listed as “critical” and almost immediately placed into isolation in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. I was diagnosed with bacterial pneumococcal pneumonia and viral pneumonia, due to RSV. After 27 total days at Riley with two types of pneumonia, a surgery, a blood transfusion, a chest tube, a feeding tube, and one PICC line. I made it home just in time for Christmas, with only the PICC line remaining in my arm.

I will never forget my experience at Riley Hospital for Children. My family and I could not have asked for a better team of surgeons, doctors, nurses, and other caregivers at Riley who were able to save my life! 

On Saturday, July 27, I was invited to join fellow Riley kids (including my brother Dominic!) at the Colts training camp, which took place at Grand Park Sports Campus. We were all treated as VIPs, and the staff who coordinated the program made sure we received the best treatment possible. When we arrived at Grand Park, my brother and I were taken up to a VIP-tented seating area. The Colts gave us cinch bags with a lot of cool stuff inside including a Colts themed activity book, pom-pom, keychain and football. There was even a Sharpie for autographs!

A couple of Colts cheerleaders were there to greet us and chat, and we were able to take pictures with them. They also kindly offered us signed posters! Blue, the Colts mascot, came up to say hi to all of us, and we were able to get pictures with him as well. Then came our big moment, when a staff member guided us down to the field where we were able to go out and be with the team for their practice-closing huddle, meet some of the players, get our footballs signed and take photos with the players. 

Colts Training Camp was an amazing experience that I will truly never forget, because of all of the awesome opportunities we had while we were there. A huge thank you to Riley Hospital for Children and their staff for everything they have done for our family!

Trissa Ampil

My name is Trissa Ampil, and I will be attending Indiana University in the fall. When I was 6 years old the physicians at Riley Hospital for Children saved my life.

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