Emily's Miracle

May 19, 2016
Topics: Emergency Medicine (ER), Riley Kid Story

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Tina and Emily Brant, LaPorte, Ind.

When our daughter Emily was 9 months old she got very sick and was fighting for her life. She had to be transported to our local hospital by ambulance. Inside the ambulance she received oxygen. When she arrived at the hospital we were asked a lot of questions before she was given a blood transfusion. I thought we were going to lose her, and no one would tell us anything. It was devastating to watch. When blood was found in her diaper her pediatrician decided that she should be airlifted to Riley Hospital for Children. As I watched the helicopter leave the roof of the hospital I couldn’t stop crying.

During her helicopter trip to Riley Hospital she was still getting blood transfusions and continued fighting for her life. We were not able to be in the helicopter with her, so we were taken by our parents to Indianapolis. During the two-hour ride we all continued to pray, but feared that we would lose her.

When we got to Riley Hospital we were told that we had a very sick child. Things were not looking good. The doctors were doing everything they could to keep her alive. We were told by the doctors that she may not make it through this lengthy surgery. We couldn’t bear the thought of losing our baby. After hours of praying and waiting, the doctors came back in and told us they found an ulcer between her esophagus and small intestine and removed it. Dr. Gupta continued the good news that Emily was in the recovery room. 

After she was in her own room we still had some minor complications, but then after a week-and-a-half she was released. What a blessing!

Now Emily is a healthy, happy and normal kid who is wise beyond her years. Although she is only going to be 4, she sometimes amazes me with the things she says. Riley Hospital gave us our happiness back, and I just want to thank all of the doctors and nurses who were in that room the night of February 2, 2012 when her life was saved, and who provided wonderful continuing care throughout the weeks following. We can’t thank you enough. 

Emily is truly a miracle child given to us by God. We would recommend Riley Hospital to any family who is going through a similar situation. Riley Hospital saved our little girl.

Tina Brant

Tina and Joseph Brant are the parents of Riley Hospital patient Emily Brant. The family lives in LaPorte, Ind.

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