Flashes for Hope, Extra Life Challenge

February 28, 2020
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Team RyKy Extra Life 2019

When we first heard of the Extra Life challenge, we were really excited that it was a chance to get together with our friends to play games. Our parents thought it was a good idea to use one of our interests to raise money for a good cause. We also were really intimidated by how much money we set out to raise (a goal of $1,000). We were worried that we wouldn’t make a huge difference for all these sick kids in our local hospital, Riley Hospital for Children. But when my dad introduced us to all the different ways to collect money, we hopped right in. 

First, we set up our digital fundraising page and called it Flashes for Hope, based on our school mascot. We called and emailed friends to see if they would donate—also inviting them to the 24-hour game day celebration for our fundraiser—and all of our friends agreed to at least donate $25 dollars (the minimum amount we set to be able to attend the gaming marathon at our house). Some donated but didn’t come to the celebration, and others came to it and donated even more. Afterward, we sent letters in the mail to friends and family asking for donations. It only took around 30 minutes or so to complete. We also called our two sets of grandparents and my parents posted on social media. In all, calling and writing letters took around an hour. 

Then we prepared for the celebration. When the celebration came, we played board games such as Catan and card games such as Dominion. We also enjoyed outdoor activities such as football or archery, living on one-to-four hours of sleep. One of our friends turned 13 at midnight, and so we celebrated that. We also played Minecraft and CTR, or Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled; a racing game based on the original Crash Bandicoot. Our dad posted social media updates and included the donation link inviting people to support us. We watched as our donations went up, eventually reaching our goal and beyond. We raised more than $1,200, and our team more than $1,600.

Extra Life is a really fun way to raise money for kids at your local hospital. You do some of your favorite things knowing it is for a good cause. It may seem really hard at first, but all you really have to do is tell other people about it. If you do that, the word will spread quickly, and you will be raising a lot of money. Extra Life is one of the most fun things that we have ever done, and we look forward to doing it for years to come.

-Ryan and Kyle Mueller (Team RyKy)

Ryan & Kyle Mueller, Extra Life Challenge

Our names are Ryan and Kyle, a.k.a. Team RyKy. We are twins and share a special brotherly bond. Our dad works for Riley Children's Foundation, so we know the important role of Riley Hospital. While we each have our individual interests, we are both active in sports, youth group, and share a love for Star Wars and gaming. So do our friends. We value making a difference for others.

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