Getting Our Groove On with Jeff Gordon

July 30, 2012
Topics: Pediatric Research, Cancer (oncology)

What do bowling pins, go-go dancers and race tracks have in common? Ok, I know what you're thinking... curves. Yes, you're right. But think hard now. What else? I'll give you a hint:

The Jeff Gordon Children's Foundation and the Riley Children's Foundation held an event at Western Bowl in Indianapolis. It was a 70's themed bowling tournament called "Get Your Groove On with Jeff Gordon" raising money for pediatric cancer research. Do you see where I'm going with this? There were certainly plenty of bowling pins to go around. And go-go dancers too for that matter! A live band played 70's music throughout the night and entertained with fun costumes and dancing.

But most impressive was the man who knows how to navigate the curves of a race track, our gracious host, Mr. Jeff Gordon. Through his foundation and events like this one over the years, Jeff Gordon has helped raise nearly $3.5 million dollars for Riley Hospital. The Jeff Gordon Foundation Pediatric Cancer Research Fund at Riley Hospital for Children provides for immediate research needs and an endowment to ensure ongoing pediatric cancer research. These efforts are near and dear to our hearts as our 7-year-old son is a Riley patient and leukemia survivor. So naturally, when were invited to attend the event we were thrilled. We enjoyed food, music, celebrities, bowling and a silent auction. As the Four Seasons would say, oh what a night!

Thank you, Mr. Gordon, and all who participated to pull off such a groovy success! Your efforts continue to help children like my son fight against childhood cancer. We are so grateful.

Christy Cabe

Christy enjoys telling a good story in hopes that the reader will “walk away encouraged and inspired to grow in their love for God, and for others.” She has a degree in educational ministries from Huntington University, drinks coffee every morning, and lives in Fort Wayne with her husband, Kraig, and their three children. Christy recently published a memoir, “Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels.”

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