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March 6, 2019
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A Women For Riley Grants Meeting

The biggest reward I have experienced through Women for Riley is the ability to connect with women who share the common goal of giving back and are looking for innovative ways to touch Riley patients and families.  

Each of us has known someone helped by Riley, or personally has been a Riley family. The care that Riley provides our children is unprecedented. I am honored to be a small part of a patient’s journey, whether it be through funding grants, helping patients pick out gowns for the Riley Prom, or working with Women for Riley members to transform a space into the magical Riley Prom.  

To me, the grants process through Women for Riley is the most fulfilling role I hold. The opportunity to fund a program that could improve a patient’s life is beyond rewarding. Each grant request is supported by Riley staff members who have uncovered a need or service that could exponentially improve the quality of Riley patients’ lives. These requests truly have the patient at heart and encompass the need for healing―not just physical healing, but the emotional healing and support that patients and families desperately need throughout their treatment.  

Women for Riley will award close to $160,000 in grants this year. This year’s support parallels the needs that are extremely important to both Riley and the state of Indiana including maternal care services, mental health needs, and opioid use disorder support. Women for Riley grant support also has a strong focus on Child Life Services, providing funding to increase the number of Child Life Specialists at Riley, as well as supporting Art Therapy, music therapy in the NICU, and bereavement services.  

At the end of the day, my one hope is to improve the quality of patients’ and families’ lives. I believe that each one of us in Women for Riley has the common goal to comfort patients. I hope we help give families the confidence that every effort has been made to ensure that they are supported both physically and emotionally throughout their journey.  

Click here to learn more about Women for Riley. 

Jill Carlson

Jill Carlson is a member of Women for Riley who serves on the grants committee and volunteers with Promingdales and the Riley Cancer Center Family Prom. She and her husband Todd are proud parents of two boys, Tyler (11) and Chase (8). She has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for 16 years and has a passion for mental health care. When she’s not working or watching her boys play sports, Jill enjoys doing anything in nature including hiking, skiing and gardening.

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