"I am the Riley wagon"

May 1, 2018
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The Riley Red Wagon

I am the Riley wagon. 

If you could see what I see every day, you would believe in what I do.

I believe in kids. Their joy. Their resilience. 

I believe in carrying them gently through these hope-filled hallways.

I believe in the heroes who make Riley a special haven for children.

I believe in fighting, inspired by love:

Fighting to find cures for all kids;

Fighting for the forgotten and the voiceless; 

Fighting against the “orphan” illnesses; 

Fighting to save the one in eight children who won’t survive their cancer;

Fighting for the 600 babies who die each year in Indiana before their first birthday;

Fighting to replace fear and pain with comfort and joy;

Fighting for families. For futures. For kids to have the chance to grow up.

I believe in the unstoppable power of love.  

I believe in Indiana, who cherishes her children and families.

I believe in the power of Riley Hospital’s 100-year story of hope.

I believe that together we can write this story’s greatest chapter.

Children should not have to pull their own wagons. We need YOU to help move my wheels.

I believe it takes all of us, connected, to transform futures for kids.

Are you with me?

Riley Wagon

The red Riley wagon is the preferred mode of transportation for many patients at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. She has become an iconic symbol of Indiana’s cherished children’s research hospital, which is entering a new phase of growth thanks to the tremendous support of donors.

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