"It Feels Like Flying"

September 28, 2015
Topics: Heart (cardiology), Riley Kid Story

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Josh Clark, Fort Wayne

They say a picture's worth 1,000 words.

Here are some photos of our son, Josh. 

He was born with a rare set of life-threatening heart defects called Shone's Complex and was sent to Riley Hospital shortly after birth.  He needed heart surgery at 2 days old and had a rare, complex open-heart surgery at 8 weeks old. 

Dr. John Brown is amazing, and was able to repair Josh’s heart with such skill that Josh is able to run cross country on his middle school team. He has found such joy in running.  He says, “Mom, after the first few minutes it feels like flying.”  

Josh had a goal to break 14:00 for the 1.89 mile race. He did that recently with a time of 13:52. (That's a 7:20/mile average for the race). 

Dr. Mark Hoyer is his cardiologist, and does a fantastic job of taking care of Josh and his heart. Josh will need more open-heart surgery as he grows, but he knows that Riley will be there to fix his heart again. 

Josh is ready to crush his next goal. 

Riley is awesome - giving kids hope and their parents too! Thank you, God, for Riley.

Laura Clark

Laura and her husband Matt are the proud parents of four children: Elizabeth, Josh, Joel and Sarah Kate. Laura is a full-time mother and enjoys running, cooking and spending time with her family. She considers Riley part of her family, and enjoys participating in events for Riley Children’s Foundation including the Run for Riley in Fort Wayne.

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