Meet Dr. Tami Hannon and Dr. Lim Kua

September 8, 2017
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Tami Hannon, M.D., and Lim Kua, M.D.,

Donors’ gifts through Riley Children’s Foundation are helping expand the diabetes team at the Herman B Wells Center for Pediatric Research. Lim Kua, M.D., is one of the newest junior faculty recruits. With a background in neonatology, Dr. Kua’s work aims to discover why babies born to diabetic mothers have increased risk of diabetes. “I really want to thank Riley Children’s Foundation donors,” says Dr. Kua. “They have provided us with a year’s funding, and that helps us run preliminary studies that allow us to apply for larger grants. In the long run, this kind of support benefits our scientific community a lot.”

Riley’s clinical diabetes research program also continues to thrive. Riley Pediatric Endocrinologist Tami Hannon, M.D., is leading a new National Institutes of Health-funded (NIH) trial using computer technology called “CHICA” (Child Health Improvement Using Computer Animation). The system feeds data such as glucose monitor readings and patients’ personal feedback straight into their electronic medical record. “We believe that this level of engagement in a real-world setting is a truly innovative approach, and will ultimately result in better patient outcomes,” says Dr. Hannon.

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