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Melissa Sexton, Child Life

We are so grateful to the hundreds of Riley Hospital for Children team members who also have made the generous decision to donate to Riley Children's Foundation.  As we celebrate the start of the holiday season of giving, we introduce you to Riley Child Life Special Events Supervisor Melissa Sexton, who puts her whole heart into her work. 

Q:  Why is it important to you to donate to Riley Children's Foundation through the employee giving program?

A:  Our giving directly impacts the patients and families we care for and there is no better way to show our support for the families.  Employee giving is also a great way to support your colleagues in their roles and show you care for them as well.  

Q: What does your daily work with the Riley Child Life team involve, and what are some ways you see donations making a difference at Riley?

A: I am fortunate to be the Child Life Special Events Supervisor. That means I plan and facilitate the Child Life Special Events for patients and families in the Child Life Zone and throughout the hospital. I also supervise the Child Life Zone, Pet Therapy Program, and KIDS-TV5, our closed circuit tv channel. Our events allow patients and families to have a fun experience at the hospital and create pretty cool moments in the midst of some challenging times. Hosting donors at events so they can directly see their impact is a big part of my role. Collectively, our certified Child Life Specialists work throughout the hospital to help patients and families cope with the many tough situations they encounter. With our backgrounds in child development and experience working with children in a variety of settings, we’re poised to provide excellent care through play, procedure support, teaching, and supportive care.

Q: You have chosen to donate at the Riley Society level ($1,000 or more annually). How did you decide it was right to make such a strong financial commitment?

A: My husband, Steven, and I had been giving in different amounts and to random Riley causes for some time. Eventually, we decided that more intentional giving could make a bigger impact. We have personally experienced a number of life circumstances that really challenged us, but also gave us the perspective that we needed to be present and supportive to those we care the most about. We don’t have children, so giving to Riley is one way we can care for many children! Additionally, as the Child Life department is philanthropically funded, it makes sense that if we’re asking donors to help us, I should support the same cause I want others to support. I believe in the work we do and want others to know it.

 Q: What would you like to share with Riley colleagues who are considering joining the employee giving program?

A: I know it may seem strange to give back to a place that you give so much of your time and energy, but the Riley culture is special and that is because of the children who rely on us to help them. If you’re not sure, start with a smaller amount and slowly grow it. You’ll feel a greater connection with the innovative work we’re doing! If we all give just a little, we will create a ripple of generosity that leads to better todays and exciting tomorrows for our Riley kids. Please join me. Make a difference. Be the Hope NOW.


If you are a Riley staff member and would like to explore employee giving, please visit Employee Giving. Members of the general public can make a gift to BeTheHopeNOW. Every gift helps!  All individual gifts before midnight December 31, 2019, will be doubled by French Lick Resort.

Melissa Sexton, Child Life Special Events Surpervisor

I am the Child Life Special Events Supervisor. I plan and facilitate the Child Life Special Events for patients and families in the Child Life Zone and throughout the hospital.

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