Miracle Ride: Driven by Passion for Helping Kids

April 14, 2016
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Terry Reilly, Miracle Ride Foundation Executive Director

The Miracle Ride is Indiana’s largest and longest running motorcycle charity ride. Miracle Riders from all over Indiana and as many as 10 other states ride for the kids of Riley. The Miracle Ride donates money to one organization--Riley Hospital for Children. “Hope happens when we ride” is more than a slogan to us.

Here’s a funny thing about motorcyclists: the stereotype of the bearded, tattooed, leather clad free spirit does have some truth to it. But another, less well known truth is the overwhelming generosity of bikers, many of whom support charity rides nearly every weekend of the riding season. Maybe it’s something about the vulnerability of riding on two wheels out in all kinds of weather and among other vehicles. Or perhaps it’s the brotherhood, sisterhood thing. When there’s a rider broken down on the side of the road, other motorcyclists always stop to help. But I find that motorcyclists are pretty much like everyone else. They value family, kids, friendship, honor and all the good things in life.

So it’s no surprise that as many as 5,000 bikers become Miracle Ride fund-raisers each year. Since we made our first donation in 1994, the Miracle Ride as given more than $4.7 million to Riley. That makes the Miracle Ride the largest independent donor to Riley Hospital. 

I started riding motorcycles when I was as young as many of the kids who are patients at Riley Hospital. In spite of breaking a collarbone much to the consternation of my mother, motorcycling became a passion. My other passion is servant leadership. The role of the Miracle Ride Foundation Executive Director gives me the unique privilege to serve Riley kids as well as the generous motorcyclists who are the Miracle Riders. I’m grateful to be a part this wonderful cause and our Miracle Ride community. 

If you’d like to see what the Miracle Ride is all about, come join the families and Riley kids on the walk in front of Riley Hospital and wave to the riders and they parade by Sunday, June 5th at 11:00 a.m. Be prepared for some rolling thunder and some beautiful machinery. And you might just catch a leather clad, bearded, tattooed biker or two wiping some tears of joy from their eyes. How’s that for the biker stereotype!

Click here to learn more about Miracle Ride, or to register or donate.

Terry Reilly

Terry Reilly spent 24 years in the corporate sector as an executive with Walker Information, J.D. Power & Associates and Brightpoint. For the past 12 years he’s worked in sales, marketing and business development for two motorcycle retailers, and he has been the Miracle Ride Foundation Executive Director since January 2014. Married with four adult children, Terry is graduate of Boston University. Go BU Terrier Hockey!

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