My Race for "Super C" and Riley Kids

October 24, 2016
Topics: Emergency Medicine (ER), Riley Kid Story

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Babak with his family.

For two years I have been dreaming of running the Boston marathon. Being a physicist, though not quite at the level of Sheldon Cooper, I plan ahead. I started running increasingly faster half-marathons and ran my first marathon in April in 3:30:12. I met with nutritionists, talked to world-class athletes, and got myself a good exercise and training plan. I started training back in July for the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon. But, three months in, I developed a pain just below my right patella that has all the signs of patellofemoral pain syndrome. With only a few weeks left to my race, the injury has put my Boston dreams to rest.

At this point in my training, however, I was no longer running to make it to Boston. Just a few weeks before, I had been inspired by my stepdaughter Caroline to turn my race into a fundraiser for Riley Hospital for Children. Caroline underwent emergency surgery at Riley after a boating accident last summer. The care she has received at Riley empowered her to take her many procedures and operations with an amazing sense of endurance and bravery. At Riley, Caroline became “Super C.” 

I am proud to be a Team Riley runner in Caroline’s honor. When my license plate came up for renewal this September, I was glad to have yet another way to give back to Riley in honor of “Super C” by purchasing a Riley red wagon plate, and personalizing it to honor Caroline.

The generosity of our friends and family who have donated to my fundraiser has been overwhelming. I know that every contribution and donation, big or small, makes possible the transformative care kids like Super C receive at Riley. The stories of these children and their families—stories of endurance, strength, and kindness—inspire us in our own journeys of endurance to be our strongest and our kindest. For me personally, especially as I heal and get back on track, being on team “Super C” has been a life-changing experience. Just as she is working on reaching her final milestone of full recovery, I am determined to get to my finish line on November 5.

Thank you for your support of Riley.

Click here to support my Team Riley fundraising efforts.

Babak Seradjeh

Babak Seradjeh is a lifelong problem-solver and a full-time dreamer. In his spare time, he enjoys physics, traveling, running, poetry, music, stories of people, and languages.

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