My Wishes for Jana

August 26, 2013
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Friends during a tough journey

My newest daughter, Jana, was on a ventilator when she first arrived at Riley Hospital after being born nine weeks prematurely. Her lungs were not developed, and she and has been on monitors constantly. Without the monitors, she would forget to breathe. Between 10 and 16 times each day, she would turn pasty white and her lips turned blue - it was terrifying! Still, we have been so grateful to be in such good hands at Riley. Melissa Hollar, RN, has been not only our nurse but a true friend. From ordering my breakfast (I always forget to eat) to picking up our room key for the Ronald McDonald House because I was running late (I told her not to bother, but she always goes the extra mile), she has listened to me cry and made me laugh until I cried. I feel like she truly cares and loves my baby. I'm sure she makes every patient feel that TLC. Sharon Dodson with the NICU Family Support team has also been a friend and a piece of home with her care and homemade snacks!

My wishes for my daughter

Jana is now much bigger and stronger, and we are looking forward to going home soon. When I look at my baby girl, I wish her all the wonderful, beautiful things in life - from Disney princesses to butterfly kisses, chasing her six siblings to chasing her dreams! I will always tell her how she was our miracle, and how Riley wrapped its arms around us for two months when our life as we knew it stopped. I will encourage her to give back, and I believe the love and care she got at Riley will someday lead her to give back along whatever path she chooses in life. I will treasure each smile, tear and year we get with her after seeing her fight so hard to live!

A message for Riley donors and supporters

To all of you who are Riley supporters - I pray you never have to feel the pain, stress and heartache and worry that goes hand-in-hand with having a preemie. Jana is not a patient a number statistic - she is our heart, our life, our daughter. "Thank you" does not seem sufficient for all you have given us, but they're the best words we can think of.

Thank you for being a part of letting Jana live.

Thank you for supporting and believing in a hospital that is saving these precious lives.

We are forever grateful.

Shana Van Landingham

Shana and her husband Jason have a blended family of seven children ages 0-21: Fletcher, Kelsie, Elizabeth, Wilson, Haleigh, Ashlyn, and Jana. Shana has previously taught preschool and worked as a teacher's aide for kids with autism. She plans on staying home this first year with Jana and treasuring every moment.

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