National Nurses Week

May 10, 2012

The doctors at Riley are amazing. Their knowledge, research, and leadership are stellar and effective. I am so very thankful for them. But, let's be honest here. Where would we be without the nurses?

I know first-hand that the nurses on the hematology/oncology unit at Riley are amazing. I remember walking into that unit for the first time ever with a very ill child. My husband and I were shell-shocked, stunned, in denial and overwhelmed. The nurses knew not only how to handle our little boy, but they knew how to handle us too. We were given "baby steps" and the nurses knew just how much information to give us along our difficult journey.

During some of our son's painful procedures the nurses were the ones who pulled up a chair for my wobbly body and slid it under me while gently patting my shoulder. They didn't judge, mock, or express impatience. They were calm, soothing, smart and even witty.

Our son's nurse practitioner became like family over his three-plus years of chemotherapy. She knew his likes, dislikes, temperament and medical chart. She helped put him at ease through countless blood draws and spinal taps, making them become almost effortless instead of dreadful. It takes a special person to do such a thing. She'll always be a part of our family's history. We send her a Christmas card... it's the least we can do!

So, as wonderful as the doctors are at Riley, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you nurses. You probably don't get as much "limelight" or attention. You do a lot of paperwork and busy-work, but please know that to us Riley parents it's NEVER busy-work when it has to do with our child.

THANK YOU nurses for ALL you do for the children of Riley Hospital! Keep that Riley engine running full-steam ahead. Your passengers sure are grateful!

Christy Cabe

Christy enjoys telling a good story in hopes that the reader will “walk away encouraged and inspired to grow in their love for God, and for others.” She has a degree in educational ministries from Huntington University, drinks coffee every morning, and lives in Fort Wayne with her husband, Kraig, and their three children. Christy recently published a memoir, “Brownie Crumbs and Other Life Morsels.”

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