Riley Dance Marathons: My favorite "sport"

September 15, 2014
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Braden Tamosaitis
Braden Tamosaitis attends a Dance Marathon.

I was born in March of 2005, and even before I was born, my parents knew that I had so many tough things ahead of me. I was born with Spina Bifida, as well as Hydrocephalus and an Arnold Chiari II malformation. On top of all that, the doctors told my Mom and Dad that I probably wouldn’t even survive birth, and even if I did that I would have very little use of my lower body, and lots of other problems.

Boy, were they wrong!  In fact, I was so strong the day I was born that I had my very first surgery when I was only a few hours old, then my second one the very next day! I am nine years old and I have already had 17 surgeries. They have worked on so many parts of my body that my Mom and Dad call me “Superman” because I am a boy of steel!

When I’m not at Riley Hospital, I love to do anything I can that helps Riley. One of my very favorite things is to go to Riley Dance Marathons! Dance Marathons are great big parties at colleges and high schools to raise money for Riley Hospital. My very first one, and my favorite, was at Ball State University. I had so much fun that night, and I will never forget it! My parents came with me to share our Riley story, and they planned on only staying for a little bit, not the whole 12-hour marathon. But, as usual, I had other ideas! I had a blast with all the college kids playing with me. I never got tired, even near the end which was at 3:00 a.m.! They had a rave at the end where they turned off the lights, passed out glow sticks, and turned up the music really loud…IT WAS FUN!!!

Since then, I have been to lots more Dance Marathons including events at Ball State, Butler, Purdue, Indiana University, University of Indianapolis, IUPUI, University of Southern Indiana, Indiana State University, St. Mary’s College, and one of my other favorites, Franklin Community High School with my buddy Evan Meade. In fact, I like Dance Marathons so much and we go to so many, that my Mom and Dad like to tell people that Dance Marathon is my sport!

Gifts that people like you make to Riley Hospital saved my life. These gifts help provide the equipment to help with my treatments, the staff that cared for me and the facility that I stayed in. Because of caring people like you I also get to do what I love most: participate in Riley Dance Marathons.

To everyone who supports Riley: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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