Riley Saved His Vision, Now He Is Dancing To Give Back

February 3, 2020
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Reason to Dance, Reason for Hope is a ballroom dance competition that raises money for Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health. The evening beings with a silent auction, followed by a three-course dinner, and then the ballroom competition. Kyle Bushey is one of eight celebrities this year and we asked Kyle a series of questions about his upcoming routine and why he decided to participate in Reason to Dance, Reason for Hope this year.  We hope we will see you at the event! 

You are a Riley kid and you were born with Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous. Can you tell us about your story and how Riley affected your life?

- I was born in Richmond, IN. After my birth, a nurse noticed that something was wrong with my left eye. At the time, the hospital in Richmond did not have the equipment to further evaluate what they thought could be wrong. They immediately sent me to Riley Children's Hospital. Once at Riley, I was evaluated and diagnosed with Persistent Hyperplastic Primary Vitreous (PHPV). I had eye surgery two weeks later, when I was just three weeks old. Doctors saved the vision in my left eye. If it were not for the staff at Riley, I would have likely lost the vision in both my eyes. During the first year of my life, I was at Riley multiple times a week. My parents pretty much lived at the Ronald McDonald house. I continued to be a patient at Riley until I was 21 years old, when I had my last of four eye surgeries to correct my vision. Riley saved my vision, which allowed me to play sports, drive a car and live a normal life. 

How did you learn about Reason to Dance and why did you want to participate?

- A few years ago one of my friends danced in the event. After attending the event to support her, I knew I had to participate and get involved. Riley has done so much for me – so participating in this event is the least I can do to try and give back. 

Why is it important for people to donate to Riley?

- It is pretty simple. Every dollar you donate goes to help a child in need. Your donation affects the lives of sick children, worried family members, terrified parents and scared brothers and sisters. Your donation will help save the life of a sick child. It helps save the most precious thing on earth: a life. 

If you had one piece of advice for current and future Riley kids and their families what would that be?

- This is more for the families and parents than the kids. Being at Riley is often very stressful and hard on families and relationships. Don't let that stress drive your actions or overshadow the reason you are there. The positivity and support you show your child while at Riley has the power to impact the outcome of the visit, treatment, etc. Tests, shots, doctors, nurses, hospital rooms are scary for a child. If you are strong for your child, they will be strong for you. It will make a difference. 

To support make a donation to support Kyle please visit his Reason to Dance, Reason for Hope page. 

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