Stunning Results: The PUDM Million Dollar Mindset

November 11, 2013
Topics: Dance Marathons

What does a PUDM million dollar mindset look like?

It looks like thousands of college students fundraising for 365 days, thinking about the kids at Riley Hospital 24 hours a day and dancing for 18 hours.

It looks like dozens of Riley families walking that journey with PUDM, from their own hard work fundraising to attending the big event and sharing their stories.

A million dollar mindset - it means optimism, determination, perseverance, and, most of all, a passionate commitment to helping kids.

Making the largest one year fundraising total increase in the history of dance marathons.

Fighting to the last hour to raise the final $70,000.

Being an inspiration to us all.


That's what the PUDM mindset looks like.

Maureen Manier

Maureen Manier is Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Riley Children's Foundation.

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