Teacher Appreciation Day: Riley School Program

May 2, 2017
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Riley School Program Staff

As the nation celebrates Teacher Appreciation Day, Riley Children’s Foundation would like to honor the dedicated educators who serve Riley patients, siblings and parents through the Riley School Program.

This donor-funded program ensures that children can keep learning while they receive medical treatment. Riley School Program teachers work with a child’s school to coordinate what they should be working on, and provide teaching support to kids at Riley Hospital in individual and group settings.

Did you know?

  • Eight teachers and one supervisor serve students through the Riley School Program.
  • During the 2015-2016 school year, The Riley Hospital for Children School Program served 1,120 students. 
  • Donors are a critical source of support for the Riley School Program as it does not generate revenue.
  • Riley’s state-licensed teachers come from a variety of educational backgrounds including Special Education, General Education and Deaf Education.
  • A donor’s gift enabled Riley to create a new teaching position for the Riley Outpatient Center last August—an addition which has helped 132 patients to date.
  • 38 bears have been delivered to schools so far this school year through the Speedway Bear in the Chair Program, which provides giant stuffed bears to fill the seats of hospitalized children.\
  • The Riley School Program partners with Butler University, allowing Butler Education majors to student teach at Riley Hospital.  

Here’s what a few people are saying about the Riley School Program:

“We are honored each and every day to provide education to our patients at an extremely stressful time in their lives and are extremely grateful that donors continue to support our program.” -Kristin Wikel, Riley School Program Supervisor

 “Thank you to the Riley Hospital for Children School Program for going above and beyond for hospitalized patients. Riley kids always tell me that their biggest worry is missing school.  Riley teachers do a phenomenal job of connecting the student to their home school while they are in the hospital.  Each student feels part of school and has motivation and hope for a return to school when they go home.”       -Cathy Danyluk, Director, Office of Student Services and Chief State Attendance Officer, Indiana Department of Education 

"The heart of the Riley teachers is what I appreciate the most. They are a unique team that works with the whole child in mind. Their compassion combined with excellent teaching, individualized for each patient’s success, amazes me." -Theresa Meyer, Butler University professor

Thank you, Riley teachers, for helping Riley kids stay on track with their educations!

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