Tears, Crayons and Hope: A Little Sister's Riley Story

October 25, 2017
Topics: Riley Kid Story, Neurology, Riley Champions

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Chad and Cheyanne Keown, Sharpsville, Ind.

My name is Cheyanne Keown and I am 9 years old. This is why my heart belongs to Riley Hospital.  

My 17-year-old brother had an accident and was on life support suffering from anoxic brain injury in the ICU. I visited my brother every chance I got! There was this one day, when no one was looking, I went to my brother's bedside and held his hand. In that moment I cried, prayed and reached for hope! 

As tears were rolling down my face the ICU Nurse touched my shoulder and said "Hope Happens Here, honey," and she gave me a hug and offered me a box of crayons and coloring book. The nurse’s name was Latonya, and she made me feel like I was helping my brother with his recovery by coloring beautiful pictures for him. 

My heart belongs to Riley for saving my brother Chad's life!

Cheyanne Keown

Cheyanne Keown is a 9-year-old fourth-grader at Tri-Central Elementary who lives with her family in Sharpsville, Ind. Her brother, Chad, is serving as one of the 2018 Riley Champions presented by Kroger. Cheyanne loves playing sports including tackle football, making crafts and dancing. She has a big heart and wants to help others. She is hoping to run Chad's Cafe' when she is in high school to continue on her brother's legacy, and hopes to find a career that involves helping others. Cheyanne thinks it’s important to donate to Riley Hospital in order to make patients like her brother feel at home. As she says, “There is always a need, and it makes me feel good to pay it forward!”

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