"Thank you, from our family to yours."

March 27, 2018
Topics: Riley Kid Story, Pulmonology

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Cayden with Corey Storm

My son Cayden is 9 years old. He has a pulmonary disorder called primary ciliary dyskinesia (PCD) along with several other diagnoses, one of which includes a growing tumor on his brain. Cayden was born prematurely at 31 weeks’ gestation, and has been a regular at Riley Hospital for Children ever since.

A long but strong journey

Cayden has been through so much in just 9 short years, but thankfully, he has always had Riley staff on his side. Due to his wide array of diagnoses, Cayden has had more than 20 surgical procedures, along with countless tests and treatments. He sees several different doctors in pulmonary, ear, nose and throat, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, neurology and oncology. 

Riley makes us feel at home

Our family has spent countless nights at the emergency room and inpatient at Riley Hospital, but every time, we always feel at home. All of the staff, from outpatient to inpatient are amazing. Child Life Specialists have made my entire family so happy when we could have been so sad. Each person has helped not just Cayden, but even myself, feel less scared.  

A new “forever friend”

Our family loves to watch independent pro-wrestling as it takes us away from reality for a while and bring us joy. Cayden has a favorite wrestler named Corey Storm, who is 16 years old and from Kentucky. Cayden had the opportunity to meet Corey and it was an instant connection. Corey now wears a “Team Cayden” shirt to his wrestling matches to support Cayden and PCD. Corey even visited Cayden during one of his long stays at Riley and brought him a Corey Storm action figure. The overflowing support from Corey makes the medical journey for Cayden so much easier. Their friendship is indescribable and Corey is now like family to us. To say it helps Cayden stay happy and strong is an understatement. He strives to be brave like Corey, but if you ask Corey, he would say that he strived to be brave and strong like Cayden. 

Thank you, from our family to yours 

Cayden has had a difficult journey so far and still has a long way to go, but we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for what Riley Hospital has done for us. Riley Hospital staff go above and beyond for every patient and family. They genuinely care, and it shows. Our family puts our faith and trust in the hands of Riley Hospital to help Cayden, and they couldn’t do what they do to treat Cayden without generous donors. 

Thank you to Riley Hospital for giving Cayden the chance to enjoy his childhood. But most importantly, thank you to the donors that allow Riley doctors to have the equipment and skill to save our son and give him the life he deserves. 

Shanon Singer Mann

Shanon Singer Mann is the mother to four children: Mariah (24); Conarr (13); Joslyn (10); and Cayden (9). Being their mother is the greatest blessing in her life. Shanon has been married to her husband for 5 years, but they have been best friends for 24 years. She and her husband both work in his family’s restaurant called Mann's Grill that his mother opened more 40 years ago in Indianapolis. The Singer Mann family is active members of their church and are working to give to the community monthly with the church’s food pantry and homeless outreach. Their next project as a family will be volunteering to provide dinner for families at the Ronald McDonald House inside Riley Hospital for Children, as they have provided their family with so much help during Cayden’s hospital stays.

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