“Thank you, Riley, for life with our beautiful babies.”

June 2, 2020
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Carson was born five weeks early on January 8, 2018, in Columbus, Ind. He was our second baby to be born prematurely. His older brother was born six weeks early and endured a short nursery stay at Columbus Regional. 

My husband Thorn and I prayed each day during my high-risk pregnancy with Carson that I would deliver a healthy baby. Our hearts were shattered when Carson came early and required a stay in the nursery in Columbus. It wasn’t until he was 24 hours old that we realized just how sick Carson was. 

Our pediatrician called for a Lifeline helicopter to Riley Hospital after Carson’s breathing got completely out of control and was causing him severe distress. Due to weather conditions, they had to turn the helicopter around and send an ambulance down to Columbus. I voluntarily discharged myself from the hospital so that we could follow Carson up to Riley. 

Carson was intubated and given the medicine needed for his lungs to develop. We spent the next eight days at Riley watching while Carson grew strong enough to breathe and eat on his own. Thorn and I felt so helpless in those early days. The time when Carson was in critical condition was a horrible feeling, and one we would never wish on any parent. We were so fortunate, though. Carson was able to leave Riley as an incredibly healthy newborn, heading home at just 9 days old. 

Carson has been thriving since that day he left the hospital. We did bring him back up for some additional testing to be sure he didn’t have lasting effects from being intubated. He tends to need extra TLC when he gets a cold as it settles in his chest and causes extra breathing issues, however, his Riley pulmonologist prescribed him an inhaler that he takes as needed. 

Carson is now a fun-loving 2-year-old. He loves to run around after his older brother. He has been to Disney World and the beach a few times. He is extra snuggly when Cars is on TV, and he would sit on my lap all day. He loves to get kisses on the cheek. He is a really quiet little guy, our next step is getting him to say more words and phrases. We can’t wait to watch Carson grow. 

We feel so incredibly blessed that Riley was there to save Carson. Thorn and I are now huge supporters of Riley. I am the Co-Senior Chair of the Riley South Central Philanthropy Council and Thorn is a part of that council as well. I feel like nothing we could do would ever give back to Riley for what they did for us. Carson has taught us to never take anything for granted. I must say, I tend to squeeze him a little tighter every night before he goes to bed. 

Thank you, Riley. Without you, we wouldn’t be living this life with our beautiful babies.

Tara Murphy

Tara Murphy works for Cummins, Inc., and coaches cheerleading at Columbus North High School. She and her husband Thorn are high school sweethearts and proud lifelong residents of Columbus, Ind. They have two sons, Chase and Carson, who were both born prematurely. The Murphy family enjoys giving back to the community, spending time with relatives, playing at the park, going for walks, vacationing in Siesta Key, and anything Disney.

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