Thank you, Tyler

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PUDM Members with Tyler Trent

Dear Tyler, 

As I sat down to write this, it proved to be a lot more difficult than I had first thought that it would be. How can I possibly put into words the energy you have brought to our community or the hope that you have poured into every Boilermaker’s heart? How can I describe the way you have motivated thousands, in just a few short weeks, to understand and contribute to a better tomorrow for families all across the state and the country? Words just simply do not do it justice. Words don’t do you justice, Tyler. 

Thank you, Tyler. Thank you for never giving up on what you believe in. The strength and bravery that you have displayed this year has inspired our entire community to take action. You have shaken us awake here on Purdue’s campus, pulled us outside of ourselves, and rallied us behind a cause so worthy of support. Your story, your words, and your friendship have ignited something deep within many of us and pushed us to stand up and make a difference in this world. The way that you have carried yourself and spoken about what is important to you: family, faith, the Boilermakers, and Riley Hospital for Children, has touched many, and will continue to touch so many more. I cannot imagine a better spokesperson for the importance of research and continuing to push the limits of discovery. 

I am proud to know you, Tyler. Thank you for reminding us what it is like to fight the good fight. Thank you for always smiling and infusing positivity into all that you do. Your thankfulness for life in every situation has radiated out to us all and reminded everyone how much there is to be thankful for and reminded us to celebrate those that we love daily. 

Thank you most of all, Tyler, for having the courage to share your story with the nation. Thousands have found comfort and inspiration in your words, with many thousands more who will continue to be inspired by you. It is not easy to share your own personal experiences with so many people, but you have dove head first into advocacy for a cause that means the world to you, something that others could only imagine doing. I respect you so much, Tyler. 

From everyone at Purdue, we love you, and we are forever #TylerStrong. 

Purdue Dance Marathon is taking place this weekend! Click here to make a donation to Tyler Trent's fundraising page and support pediatric cancer research at Riley Hospital. 

Tyler passed away on January 1, 2019. We are so thankful we knew him and were touched by his story. 

Watch Tyler's Full Story: 

Becca Anglen

Becca Anglen is currently a senior at Purdue University studying Cellular Biology. She has been involved with Purdue University Dance Marathon for 5 years now, serving on the leadership team for three of those years. Becca was in attendance at Purdue's game versus Ohio State a few weekends ago as the entire campus rallied behind Tyler Trent to bring home a Boilermaker Win! Becca is proud to have been able to work with Tyler since he started at Purdue last year.

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