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Riley Pediatric Endocrinologist Tami Hannon, M.D., with Riley kid Lauran Hodges

Riley Pediatric Endocrinologist Tami Hannon, M.D., waits patiently in the diabetes clinic as 13-year-old Lauran Hodges fills out a lengthy questionnaire. Lauran is part of a clinical research study Dr. Hannon is leading in order to test new ways to motivate teens to take care of their diabetes.

Lauran has been using a special meter that sends her personalized text and email messages showing how well she is controlling her blood sugars. She says it is helping. “Knowing that someone is watching and saying, ‘Hey, you did good today,’ helps me to know that I could do better,” says Lauran.

“This particular meter is difficult to get a hold of and it’s not covered by insurance,” explains Dr. Hannon. “But if we show that patients do better with this type of technology, then industry might be more willing to work on it and insurance companies might be more willing to pay for these types of treatments.”

Dr. Hannon and her colleagues care for diabetes patients through approximately 200 Riley Hospital admissions and 4,700 outpatient visits each year. She appreciates donors who allow her team to provide the state’s highest level of pediatric endocrinology care while searching for better treatment strategies.

“I’m very grateful that we have donors because without them we can’t do the research, and we can’t try out new ways of treating kids like Lauran,” says Dr. Hannon. “The creativity of being able to try new things and measure the outcomes is what I really like about it.”

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