A Little "Star" for Riley: The Gift of Hope Happens Here Commercial

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Katelyn has gone from Riley NICU patient to Riley TV star

A Star is Born

When we arrived at Riley Hospital with our one-week-old daughter, Katelyn, we learned that she was the sickest baby in Indiana. We did not have much hope at that time, and we were unclear what her future would be like, or even if she could pull through.

Fast forward three months and we returned to Riley with a healthy and thriving four-month-old. She was not at Riley for any additional treatment, but to become a star in a TV commercial for Riley’s The Gift of Hope Happens Here campaign. (Click here to watch the 30 second commercial)

Our whole family had an amazing time at the filming. It was great that we could finally show our two-year-old, Colin, where his sister had been when she was in the hospital. And, it was great to see Katelyn treated not for illness but as a superstar.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Katelyn slept through a lot of the pre-filming set-up process, but once the cameras got rolling she couldn’t take her eyes away from the camera and cooed for all of the camera men. (She must have a bit of Hollywood in her!) Our son instantly became like a director and asked for his bear to get a little make-up prior to the shoot. Everyone we worked with was so incredibly nice to our family. We even got to take home some butterflies that are in the commercial. They are now hanging in Katelyn’s room.

So Much Good in this World

Our family feels blessed to be included in this commercial. We are happy to give back and help out the people that did so much for our family. Returning to Riley comes with a lot of emotion. It is difficult for us to relive the events that happened to our precious little girl and to realize how close we came to losing her.

Riley Hospital saved Katelyn’s life and taught us that there is so much good in this world. Everyone we encountered went out of their way to heal our daughter and help us through a difficult time. We worked with a highly qualified team; the only team that had the skill set necessary to save our daughter.

If you choose to donate to Riley through The Gift of Hope Happens Here, we can guarantee you are making an investment in an organization dedicated to healing and promoting hope in the human spirit.

The Gift of Hope Happens here campaign is raising funds to support Riley Hospital for Children

Katelyn is living proof of the miracles that happen every day at Riley!

Click here to make a gift of hope to Riley.

Amy Petts, Riley Parent

Amy is a stay-at-home mom with two children, Colin and Katelyn. Her husband Richard is a professor of Sociology at Ball State University. The Petts family lives in Muncie, Ind., and they enjoy hiking, singing silly songs and playing tennis.

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