"They Were Truly Amazing"

January 6, 2016
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Joshua Blair

Diagnosed with ulcerative colitis (inflammation of the large intestine) in 2009, I was admitted to Riley Hospital in January of 2010. By that time, I couldn’t sleep through the night, I weighed 82 pounds, and was too weak to climb stairs or walk more than a few feet. The inflammation was so severe, I couldn’t even digest medication in pill form, so I needed a picc-line, which is a semi-permanent IV, feeding directly into my bloodstream.

I stayed at Riley for eleven days. During that time, I was constantly meeting staff members who were warm and friendly and genuinely cared about me. I wasn’t just another patient to them or a check box on their list. They would talk to me every time they went by my door. 

My doctor, Riley Pediatric Gastroenterologist Steven Steiner, M.D., was always there when we needed him, never got tired of our constant questions, and was very helpful and attentive. The nurses who stopped by to take care of me during the day were always friendly and outgoing. Years later I still remember the name Danielle, as one nurse who stood out, being a constant source of friendliness and joy in my day. Even the janitor, Adam, who would come in the evenings to sweep the rooms would go out of his way to talk with me and ask me questions. When the staff found out that I liked to draw, they asked me if I wanted to enter a submission for a Riley holiday card, which was chosen to be one of four cards for that year. 

I was so blessed during my whole stay to meet such wonderful people. People who did a professional job with order and attention to detail, but more than that, with genuine friendliness and love. It was a hard time for me with all of the health problems I was going through, but the Riley staff was incredibly helpful, not just in physically getting me on the road to recovery, but treating the whole patient. Their love and kindness meant even more to me than the physical help. 

I had never seen a hospital staff like that before. They were truly amazing. The people at Riley were such an amazing team of people and I will never forget them.

Joshua Blair

Joshua Blair has his bachelor’s degree in history and is working on writing his first biography. He is the founder of AmericanWordsmith.me, a freelance writer’s website. In his spare time, Joshua enjoys reading and drawing. He lives in Indiana with his parents and older brother.

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