Today I Saw Hope Happening

July 17, 2019
Topics: Pediatric Research

Connecting Research to Kids

I am the Riley wagon.

Today I saw hope happening, not in a hospital bed, but in a test tube.

I rolled down Riley Hospital’s hallways, through a sky bridge and into the Wells Center for Pediatric Research.

The sign above me said “Connecting Research to Kids.”

Everywhere I looked, there were scientists working on cures for kids.

I saw some new faces in the labs because donors are helping Riley’s research team grow faster than ever.

I met Jason Spaeth, Ph.D. He found out as a child he had type 1 diabetes and is now trying to cure it.

I stopped in the “K Lab” to meet Rachel Katzenellenbogen, M.D. She is working on finding out how and why a common virus can sometimes cause cancer.

I rolled into a lab where Joan-Cook Mills, Ph.D., is working on ways to prevent dangerous food allergies from making kids sick.

It takes hundreds of Riley scientists and millions of dollars to make better medicines for kids.

But the doctors and scientists aren’t the only ones making this progress happen.

Every person who gives to Riley is a piece of this lifesaving puzzle.

Today, I saw hope happening.

YOU made that possible.

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Riley Wagon

The red Riley wagon is the preferred mode of transportation for many patients at Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health. She has become an iconic symbol of Indiana’s cherished children’s research hospital, which is entering a new phase of growth thanks to the tremendous support of donors.

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