Transplant Reunion:Celebrating Our Blessings

Riley organ transplant recipients celebrate their lives at the Riley Transplant Reunion
Riley organ transplant recipients celebrate their lives at the Riley Transplant Reunion

Amy and Josh Hatton
Amy and Josh Hatton, Pittsboro

I was excited to attend the IU Health Pediatric Transplant Reunion recently at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis with my son, Josh, and our family. Josh had a kidney transplant last November and while no one ever wants to be part of the “transplant club” I was thrilled to be able to celebrate his life and transplant at the reunion.

The wonderful staff of the IU Health Transplant Center and Riley transplant unit created a delightful event. Many of the staff including coordinators, surgeons, nurses, child life specialists and social workers attended to celebrate these children. Josh was excited to see some of the nurses who cared for him during his transplant and through some of the difficult days in the subsequent months. These nurses and his surgeon were amazed at the growth and change that has happened in the last 10 months.

Each child in attendance was given a goody bag and a certificate celebrating the number of years since his/her transplant. Our little friend Bella was one of the newest, having received her transplant a few months ago. The longest was a young man who received his transplant 13 years ago! When the names were read, the physician reminded us that not all the children were still with us to celebrate.

I am reminded at moments like this how blessed I am to have a child who received his life-saving transplant. Many children who need a transplant never receive one due to lack of organ donation. I am hopeful that with increased awareness regarding organ donation and advances in transplant medicine more children with have the opportunity to celebrate at the transplant reunion for years to come!

Did you know?
IU Health Transplant is the largest, most comprehensive center of its kind in the region and fourth largest by volume in the country. Riley Hospital offers many pediatric transplant specialties: heart; kidney; multivisceral; intestine; and liver.

Amy Hatton, Riley Employee and Parent

Amy Hatton is a pediatric nurse practitioner with the Riley Diabetes Team and a has been a Riley mom for the last 14 years. She donated a kidney to her son, Josh, in 2012.

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