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October 8, 2015
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As Riley Children’s Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals celebrate National Dance Marathon Day on October 9, 2015, four people with a passion for Riley Dance Marathons share the inspiring reasons that explain “why they DM.”

Emily Myers (Probst), former president of Ball State Dance Marathon and now a Dance Marathon Manager for Children’s Miracle Network:

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Emily Myers

“During my time at Ball State University, I served as the Co-Director of Family Relations, as well as the President of BSUDM. But my experience with Riley Hospital for Children starts even before that. I have two wonderful sisters, Jessica and Jackie, who actually led me to become involved with the hospital and Dance Marathon. My sister, Jackie, actively participated in Purdue University Dance Marathon and my sister, Jessica, is currently a nurse at Riley Hospital for Children. Coming to BSU, I had one thing on my mind: how to get involved with BSUDM. As I was finishing college I wondered what the next steps would be for me. I have been blessed with the opportunity to continue with Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals as a Regional Manager for Dance Marathon."

Grace Anshutz, President of DePauw University Dance Marathon: 

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Grace Anshutz

“Simply put, I DM for family. In 2007, after years of looking for solutions, my very sickly, younger brother, Foster, had surgery for gastrointestinal complications at Riley Hospital for Children. Riley was 500 miles away from our Iowa home. Foster received exceptional care and is now a collegiate athlete. Riley Hospital also cared for my worried family. Six years later, I am back in Indiana at DePauw University and I support Riley Hospital as President of DePauw University Dance Marathon. This time I am dancing for a whole new family: I dance for Riley kids, DM leaders, and DPUDM executive members who have become part of my extended family through my involvement with Dance Marathon.”

Sarah Eiker, executive member for Saint Mary’s College Dance Marathon:

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Sarah Eiker

“Dance Marathon allows me the opportunity to give back to Riley Hospital for Children, a hospital that saved my life! Riley Hospital for Children impacts so many children each year that being able to help raise funds and awareness is so inspiring.  Being a “Riley Kid” allows me to experience firsthand how passionate the doctors and nurses at Riley Hospital for Children are about their patients, which only fuels my passion for Dance Marathon even more! There are no words to express how grateful I am to be able to be part of Saint Mary’s College Dance Marathon and help raise money for such an amazing hospital.”

Kyle Miller, committee chair for Indiana University Dance Marathon:

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Kyle Miller

“My ‘why I dance’ story has evolved throughout my IUDM career, but it began almost eight years ago when my brother was admitted to Riley Hospital for Children. At that point in my life I had volunteered at numerous hospitals; however, the love and compassion that surrounds Riley Hospital was something I had never before experienced. The staff at Riley goes leaps and bounds beyond ordinary patient care, and I have come to acknowledge that IUDM does the same thing as a philanthropic organization. As a freshman I lost sight of who I was as a person and what was important to me; however over the past few years IUDM has given me a second chance. My involvement in IUDM has provided me the opportunity to work with the most inspirational group of children one could ever meet and surround myself with the most driven and selfless group of college students in the nation. It has made me laugh uncontrollably; cry shamelessly, but most importantly, it has taught me how to love unconditionally.”

Make a gift in support of a Riley Dance Marathon at the college/university of your choice today: www.rileykids.org/dmday.

Click here to watch our new video showcasing the Riley Dance Marathon program!

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