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March 7, 2016
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Joseph scrap booking with NICU families at Riley Hospital for Children

Both Riley Children’s Foundation and Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health have provided me with incredible opportunities to learn and develop as I launched a career in healthcare and began post-grad life in Indianapolis. Their team members, partners, and patients have inspired me to continue giving back to the community that I grew up in.

Among the amazing groups serving the Indianapolis and surrounding region, I was fortunate to jump into a group that is building great momentum toward impacting the community in a very positive way—a young professionals’ organization called Friends of Riley (F.O.R).

F.O.R. has allowed me to meet a whole new group of individuals that are passionate about the kids at Riley Hospital for Children. This was extremely important to me, as it provided an outlet to continue working with enthusiastic teams, as I had done previously with Indiana University Dance Marathon. The individuals I have had the chance to work with, both in Indianapolis and Bloomington, have been a huge part of my life!

Through F.O.R. I have been able to meet diverse individuals and organizations who work together toward a worthwhile cause—helping the kids at Riley. I have a lot to learn from the folks I get to serve with on the board, as well as those that support our activities in the community.

My advice to those who have participated in Riley Dance Marathons who have graduated and are looking to continue to give back is this:  first, determine how much time you have available for activities outside of your day-to-day work. Then, reach out to one of the many organizations that support Riley Children’s Foundation. Riley Children’s Foundation provides a connection back to the hospital and children served across the state. Friends of Riley has been a fantastic portal to stay connected to the current and future initiatives for pediatric care in the state, region and country.

Joseph Primavera

Joseph is a graduate of Indiana University Bloomington and currently back in school at IUPUI for his master’s degree. He has a younger sister who lives in Bloomington and an older brother who went to Purdue University and now lives in Los Angeles. Joseph was very happy to see Peyton win his second Super Bowl and is looking forward to the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 this May!

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