Why We Give: TCC's Commitment to Riley

June 27, 2016
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TCC dedicates a playroom at Riley Hospital for Children


At TCC, every decision we make is guided by our “Virtuous Circle of Success”—a belief that employees, customers and communities matter equally. This principle is the soul of our company. 

As the largest Verizon Premium Wireless Retailer in the nation with thousands of employees and 800 stores across the nation, we are no strangers to working with others. We thrive on communicating, caring and doing good for people. In fact, people make up the center of our circle. Everyone at TCC seeks new ways to give back to others, especially those who live in the markets we serve. 


When my wife Julie and I were invited to visit Riley Hospital for Children, the Riley team rolled out the red carpet for us. Members from Riley Children's Foundation and executives from the Hospital gave us a personal tour of the entire facility, explaining the moving stories about children's miracles that happen within those walls each day. Soon after, we attended the “Riley Hope Happens Here” luncheon to learn even more about how the Hospital is impacting young patients. We left with no doubt in our minds that we wanted to get involved. 

I'm fortunate enough that I don't have sick kids. I haven’t had to endure that hardship. But after the tour of the Hospital that day, I could certainly put myself in the shoes of parents with sick kids. I knew I had to find a way for TCC to devote our efforts toward giving back to the patients and their families.


TCC’s commitment to Riley Hospital is not just coming from one company, but rather thousands of employees nationwide who are dedicated to giving back to the patients. Each of our employees is invested in doing good for Riley Hospital for Children. In fact, in more than 500 TCC stores nationwide, we’re selling screen cleaning cloths designed by Riley kids with 100 percent of the proceeds being donated to the Hospital. It’s also been motivating to give our customers the opportunity to contribute to the kids in this unique way.

Through our ongoing partnership with Riley, TCC is becoming a better company and team. Although we're spread out across more than 40 states, working with Riley gives us a singular goal that we can execute every day. It's not about more income for TCC, but helping Riley Hospital for Children in any way we can. 

Our dedication to Riley makes our employees, customers and community feel better.


Today’s employees want a company with a philanthropic soul. In order to be successful, all businesses need to embrace philanthropy. It will help with the recruiting process, employee retainment, customer retention and more. 

TCC recently surveyed nearly 1,000 of our employees about the impact of our Culture of Good initiatives—which included our Riley partnership— and discovered the following correlations between giving back and employee fulfillment:

  • 92 percent said that the Culture of Good gives them a sense of fulfillment in their work.
  • 91 percent said the Culture of Good makes them feel that Round Room (TCC’s parent company) shares their value for social responsibility.
  • 84 percent said the Culture of Good contributes to staying employed by TCC.
  • 67 percent said that their store has gained new customers as a result of Culture of Good efforts.
  • 82 percent said the Culture of Good has helped build better communication skills between employees and helped form stronger team bonds in the workplace.

Scott Moorehead

Scott Moorehead is the CEO of TCC. Growing up in a home that ran a family-owned business, Scott was immersed in the language of entrepreneurship on a daily basis. His father ran TCC as president and CEO, and his mother served as CFO. Scott grew up with the hope that one day he would be given the opportunity to work for the family business, however, he did not want to be known as 'the president's son' who was just being 'handed' the job. He wanted to prove that he earned his place within the company. While earning a degree from Purdue University, Scott began his career with TCC, working at a nearby store as a sales associate. After earning a bachelor's degree in business management with a minor in information systems, Scott returned home to Marion, Indiana, where he immediately began to work in the corporate offices of TCC. He held every position in the company (more than 32 jobs), from driving the delivery truck to installing satellites, working in the call center and handling accounts receivables. Prior to becoming president and CEO (today he is CEO) of TCC in 2008, at age 30, Scott worked to grow the company dealer division, serving as vice president of special projects and then as COO.

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