Why We Trusted Riley with Our Son's Tiny Heart

February 1, 2017
Topics: Heart (cardiology), Riley Kid Story

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Emmett Boley, Madison, Ind.

I'm so grateful for everyone who donates to Riley Hospital because it helps so many people out. They give so much to the families of Riley. We get a Riley license plate because we know that every little bit helps. Our hearts will always belong to Riley.

We came to Riley Hospital for Children in 2014 when our newborn son Emmett was airlifted from Louisville, Ky. They couldn't do the heart surgery he needed – he was too complex. As soon as we first stepped into the Riley NICU and I met Dr. Tiffanie Johnson, I knew Emmett was going to be just fine. There was just something about her calm words and how she told me what was going on that just made everything okay. 

I'm so glad we ended up at Riley instead of anywhere else. Emmett had his first surgery on December 16, 2014, for arch repair and pulmonary artery (PA) banding. He has had several heart catheterizations, pyloric stenosis surgery, G-tube placement, and his most recent open heart surgery was on April 26, 2016. It's was a big surgery that they do not perform often. I was even looking into other hospitals such as Boston that did this surgery more often. But I had faith in Riley heart surgeon Dr. Mark Rodefeld. He did an outstanding job and Emmett was out in eight days with no complications. 

If your child needs anything done and you want to be somewhere that feels like home—somewhere where they will treat your child like their own—Riley is the place to be. I trusted them to watch Emmett so I could step out to get food or just go on a walk. I recommend this hospital to all my friends with children. 

Riley goes above and beyond not only for the child but for everyone involved. When we were there for Emmett’s first Christmas, Santa brought him first Christmas gift. I just love how Riley is not “just a hospital.” I love all the play areas and the music therapists who came to play music for Emmett. The staff members try to make the kids as comfortable as possible, and fear-free as possible.

My heart belongs to Riley for saving our son not only once, but twice—and for the way they treat us like family.

Christina Boley

Christina Boley is a stay-at-home mom to two young sons, Wyatt and Emmett, who is a Riley patient. Christina loves making things for her house and redoing furniture. She and her husband Devin have been married for four years and live in Madison, Ind.

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