You can't be an educator in Indiana without knowing a child who has been impacted by Riley

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Whether it's an emergency, regular appointment, or a specialized visit, you can't be an educator in Indiana without knowing a child who has been impacted by Riley Hospital.  Given the plethora of causes that schools can choose for philanthropic efforts, perhaps one of the most important is Riley!  Since I began my career as a teacher, I have participated in numerous events to support Riley such as dance marathons, penny wars, Kids Caring and Sharing, etc.  These efforts have always been special to the school community since so many have directly experienced the care at Riley.  As a Principal, I have always encouraged these efforts at my school, especially since the benefit is to the children under our own roof.  A couple of years ago, we even had a special teddy bear that was presented to a classroom teacher in order to hold the spot of a student while he spent an extended amount of time being cared for at Riley.  The impact is directly seen by our students as well since most of them recognize and understand that Riley Hospital takes care of so many right here at home.


Personally, Riley Hospital also holds a special place in my heart. As the mother of three grown children, two of them went through minor medical testing at Riley when they were very young.  I recall that, while visiting, we were in awe of how many children were there receiving what seemed to be very extensive care.  A few years later, our infant niece needed life-saving heart surgery.  Since they lived out of town, our cousin was able to utilize the Ronald McDonald House in order to stay close.  To this day, her family saves pop tabs and encourages others to support the cause as well.  


Then came the day, just a few short months ago, that my own grandson became a Riley kid.  At the age of 10 months, he was rushed by ambulance to Riley and later diagnosed with a brain tumor and a seizure disorder.  He is a thriving toddler now and will be a typical kid with a full and happy life ahead of him, thanks in no small part to the expertise of Riley doctors, nurses, and researchers.  I'll never forget the team approach that all staff took as they monitored our grandson's condition and worked to find the best answers and treatment plan.  We will forever be grateful!  I am proud to be a part of the KCS Advisory Council, assuring that the work at Riley continues, for the sake of ALL Riley kids around us!

Andrea Korreck

I am the Principal of Northwood Elementary School in Franklin Community Schools. Prior to that, I served as a Principal in Perry Township for sixteen years. My undergraduate degree is from Ball State University and I completed my Master's degree in administration through Butler University. In addition to serving on the KCS Advisory Council, I am also the Past President of the Indiana Association of School Principals. I am married and have three grown daughters. Though I love the job of being a Principal, I absolutely adore the role of being a Gigi to my one and only grandson. Though spoiling him takes up a lot of my spare time, I also enjoy working out, traveling, reading, and doing home improvement projects.

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