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January 24, 2019
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The Precision Genomics program at Riley Hospital for Children helps children with all types of relapsed or aggressive cancer receive personalized treatment. Donor funding has provided ongoing support for the relatively new and innovative program to support start up for crucial personnel. 

Our innovative approach to care can help reveal new treatment options that may be effective when other treatment options no longer work. The Precision Genomics team uses genetic testing to identify DNA, RNA and proteins in cancer cells that can be targeted precisely with different treatments. Donor dollars have specifically funded portions of the Medical Director, Clinical Coordinator, Genetic Counselor, Clinical Pharmacy Specialist and Social Work.  

Donor funding helped the Riley Precision Genomics team:

  • Hire crucial programmatic personnel during the startup phase;
  • Provide support for multidisciplinary care for patients with recurrent or resistant cancers;
  • Develop a data set for a novel diagnostic and treatment approach to better define future models of care;
  • Serve 253 patients who have been referred to date;
  • Identify medically actionable findings for 96 patients;
  • Guide 50 patients who ultimately received recommended therapy targeted for their cancer.

Donor funding through RCF has also helped cover the cost of genetic testing for families. A single genetic sequencing test for a patient can cost from $5,700-$11,000.

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