Why I Give: Kelly Huntington

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Kelly Huntington

With several years of service on the Riley Children’s Foundation Board of Governors and a generous personal campaign gift made, Kelly Huntington easily could have felt she had done enough.

Instead, a young man’s Riley story touched her heart so deeply during a recent Board meeting that she made an additional donation in his honor on the spot. “Tyler Trent is obviously a great spokesperson for the urgency of the need,” said Huntington, referring to the Purdue University student who shared his cancer battle in a Riley Children’s Foundation video.

She also found it inspiring that Riley Hospital’s donor-funded Precision Genomics team has been using research to find options for Tyler. “Sometimes with research, we think we put dollars in and it could be years before it has an impact,” she said. “But there are research advances that donors funded years ago that are helping people like Tyler right now.”

Huntington, the senior vice president of enterprise strategy for OneAmerica, currently serves as Vice Chair for the Riley Children’s Foundation Board of Governors. “As a mom of three young kids, it is easy to become passionate about Riley’s mission,” said Huntington. “It was easy for me to put myself in other parents’ shoes and think, if I was in a time of need when it came to my children and their health, what would I want to have here in Indiana?”  

Huntington’s deep involvement has given her confidence about the way Riley Children’s Foundation brings the community together to help children while stewarding donors’ gifts wisely. “We have a lot of passionate fundraisers, and their talent helps us tell the Riley story and tap into people’s innate desire to give back,” she said. “I have also seen firsthand how thoughtfully we manage and steward the Endowment. We’ve had good performance, and that’s what really helps us sustain Riley for the future.” 

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