Jonathan Swardstrom

Jonathan Swardstrom

Riley kid Jonathan Swardstrom finds hope and healing a world away.

Jaxson Jones
May 1, 2018
Indianapolis, Indiana

At just two weeks of age, Jaxson Jones’ tiny body shows clear...

Josh Clark
December 19, 2017
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Josh Clark’s parents knew immediately after his birth something was...

Natalie Holmes
December 19, 2017
South Bend, Indiana

Natalie Holmes’ medical issues are so complicated that her parents...

Rik Bag
December 19, 2017
Carmel, Indiana

Ritwik “Rik” Bag is no ordinary high school student.

Drake Price
December 19, 2017
Warsaw, Indiana

Drake Price, 12, has always loved helping others, so it was no...

Gracie Bennett
December 19, 2017
Danville, Indiana

“Amazing Grace.” No nickname could better describe Gracie Bennett.

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