Jonathan Swardstrom

Jonathan Swardstrom

Riley kid Jonathan Swardstrom finds hope and healing a world away.

Robby McNary
December 18, 2018
Fort Wayne, Indiana

Robby McNary can’t wait for hockey season to start. He’ll return to...

Aiden Hunter
December 18, 2018
Zionsville, Indiana

“I ate some junk food once, but that’s about it,” said Aiden...

Connor Schuelke
December 18, 2018
South Bend, Indiana

Thirteen-year-old Connor Schuelke spent two weeks this summer at a...

Abbie Jacks
December 18, 2018
Tipton, Indiana

If you want to find Abbie Jacks there’s a good chance she is...

Amiel Campbell
December 18, 2018
Indianapolis, Indiana

The radiant smile on 17-year-old Amiel Campbell is a clue to what’s...

Ayden Wagler
December 18, 2018
Odon, Indiana

Ayden Wagler is the happiest kid you will ever meet. “She is a...

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